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they would oppose the US government because they believe in abolishing the government. In other words, they do not want a government.

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Q: Why would anarchists oppose the US government?
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What do you do with those that oppose us?

You have to report it to the government, so that the government could take care of the problem

Why did the us oppose Vietnam independence?

Because Vietnam's government was communist

Why did 19th-century democrats of the US oppose using federal money to build transportation systems?

They were concerned that getting the government involved would hurt states' rights.

Why did the anti-federalist oppose the constitution?

The anti-federalists objected the constitution because they thought it made the central government too strong and feared that the US would become a monarchy.

How did the espionage act affect frredom of speech in the us?

It made it dangerous to oppose the draft.

Do anarchists believe in any kind of government?

Anarchy IS a form of government, despite the dictionary's definition. The (proven) theory of Anarchy would take power from the sovereigns, politicians or aristocrats by means of a coup d'etat (Unless you're an Anarcho-Pacifist, though I'm not sure how that works, or an Anarcho-Individualist which has nothing to do with government really, it's just a personal way of ilving, free of government oppression) and after the people have seized power, they'd set up communities, which would interact amongst each other but would be mostly autonomous. The citizens of each community would have a town hall type meeting to discuss issues and then if the issue wasn't resolved, they'd select delegates (different delegates every time so no one has too much power) and they'd meet with surrounding communities. It's actually a very interesting and effective form of government.

Why do Muslim oppose US culture?

we do not oppose US culture we just brought our traditions into America.

Do you favor or oppose an amendment to the US Constitution that would ban same-sex marriage in all states?

I would oppose such an amendment as a violation of states' rights as well as the civil rights of Americans.

How did the US react to fear of Anarchists in the early 1900?

The us governments response to the rise of these political philosophies was to demonize them and instill fear of them. They are the reason there is fear in the first place. Who has more fear of the end of government or capitalism than the people who benefit from them the most?

Anarchy protests in US?

Anarchists tend to not have protests in any nation due to the idea of uniting in order to work together on a common goal goes against the basic political philosophy of anarchists.

How did isolationists feel about the idea of annexing US territory in the late nineteenth century?

They would oppose the idea

Why did many oppose the new constitution?

Many of the members of the Constitutional Convention were concerned that a strong central government would overpower the states, and would have too much power over the people. That, by the way. was the origin of the Bill of Rights. Read carefully- those 10 Amendments pretty much spell out what the US Government is NOT allowed to do.