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It is only natural for the President to appoint people who share his views on government and will work to carry out his programs. Such people are more likely to be found in his own party. A first term president needs to have party support to run for re-election and one way to gain support is through appointments. He may also need to repay people who have helped him get elected the first time by making them an ambassador.

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They tend to choose judges that are recommended by the senators, congressmen and leaders from their party . They often owe these people a favor and if not, they want to establish some political capital for future favors. They also want to have people on the bench who share their philosophy of government and such people are more likely to be associated with their party.

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People work better with people they agree with.

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Q: Why would the president appoint people who are members of his same political party?
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Does the president appoint the members of congress?

No. The members of the US Congress are elected by the people in the district which the Congressman represents. The senators are elected by their states.

When can the president appoint people without approval byt anyone else?

When can the president appoint people without approval by anyone else? When can the president appoint people without approval by anyone else?

When can the president appoint people without approval of anyone else?

during the Recess of the SenateThe president can appoint anybody without anyone's approval because it is one of their privaleges as president. They get to carry out certain duties and this is one pf them

What was the Administration scandals?

The Grant Administration Scandal: President Ulysses S. Grant used the spoils system to appoint his friends, trusting political leaders-basically people who were on his side after he was elected President.

When the president appoint people without approval by anyone else?

Congressional recess

What groups of people is the president not in charge of appointing?

Congress is one example. Of course, there are really millions of groups that the President does not appoint.

How do members of congress make decisions?

After the passage of the 17th Amendment, all members of Congress are now elected by popular vote of their district or state. Should a vacancy occur after an election, it is up to the individual state to decide how to fill that vacancy for the remainder of the term. Some states stipulate a special election, others allow the governor to appoint someone, and a few have the state legislature appoint someone.

What types of officers of the US such as members of the cabinet can the president nominate and appoint?

The President of the United States can nominate and appoint various types of officers, including members of the Cabinet, federal judges (with Senate confirmation), ambassadors, United States Marshals, and heads of executive agencies and departments. The President has the authority to select individuals who he or she believes will serve the country's interests and carry out the responsibilities associated with these positions.

How many people does the president directly appoint?

It is estimated that about 7500 are appointed by the president. They would not hold their jobs without this appointment.

What will be Fortinbras's first political action as a King in Shakespeare's Hamlet?

As the King in Shakespeare's Hamlet, Fortinbras's first political action is to appoint people who will work under him.

How does the legislative branch limit or check the president's powers to appoint people to his cabinet?

because the president almost always needs approval from the senate.

What approval of does the president needs to appoint people to many positions?

The US Senate has to confirm many presidential appointments.