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$1.5 Trillion dollars. $1.5 Trillion dollars.

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Q: Why would you guess that the USA owes China with our National debt?
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What countries hold the most of the USA national debt?

I know factually who holds our biggest debt; that would be China

Who owns the US national debt?


How much is America's debt to China?

The national debt in China is very high. It is roughly 14.6 trillion yen. When that number is converted to USD, the number is roughly 2.3 trillion dollars.

What is China's national debt?

18.23 trillion yuan

Who holds most of the US National Debt?

The United States and Japan. they hold most of the national debt. right now, but I believe that China is getting up there.

What percentage of Americans have no debt?

I would guess about 10 percent.

How would you write the national debt in scientific notation?

The current national debt is approximately $14.3 trillion. In scientific notation that would be:1.43 * 1013 dollars

What was the national debt in 1791?

the national debt was something used to create national debt

What countries has the least debt?

Switzerland and the Vatican

What is national debt in 2015?

It depends on what country you are referring to. Here are the top 6 countries that have the most external debt in US dollars. There are other countries that have a higher debt to GDP ratio though. The U.S. currently has a national debt around 17.5 trillion dollars. The United Kingdom has a national debt of around 10.1 trillion dollars. Germany has a national debt of around 5.7 trillion dollars. France has a national debt of around 5.3 trillion dollars. Japan has a national debt of around 3 trillion dollars. China has a national debt around 3 trillion dollars.

National debt in 2003?

What was the national debt in 2003?

Who would benefit from hamiltons plan to fund the national debt?

your mom would. (;