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President Abraham Lincoln

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Q: Whyat are some examples of political assassination?
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Four political events in the 1960s?

Some examples of the political events that happened during the 1960â??s are the involvement of US in the war in Vietnam and the passing of the Civil Rights Act. Other examples are the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Voting Rights Act.

Is assassination of a political leader ever justified?

Assassinating a political leader may be justified in the minds of some people. However, there is no where on earth where killing a national leader is not a crime.

What are some examples of personal biases?

Leaning towards one political party

How important do you have to be before you are assassinated?

Assassination is the murder of someone for political or religious reasons, so you don't really have to be important, you just have to be seen as a political or religious threat by some idiot with a knife/gun/bomb/whatever.

What are some examples of electioneering?

a good example of electioneering is when a political canidate sends you a flyer in the mail

What are some examples of statistics to predict?

When polls are taken, they tend to predict the outcome of political elections.

What are some non examples of a republic?

Any other form of political rule is a NON example.

Who are some examples of democratic leaders?

modern political leaders are good examples (Tony Blair, Geogrge Bush, Sarcosie, JFK, David cameron)

What are some examples of Sarah Palin being a political maverick?

There aren't any. Its just a campaign slogan.

What is an example of a political boundary and a natural boundary?

it is china and mongolia russia and spain japan and france australia to california now that is some examples of a political and a natural boundary

Do you know any examples of human geography?

Yes I do some are Political Geography,Economic Geography and Population Geography

What is the meaning of Eve of Destruction song by Barry McGuire?

The song Eve of Construction by Barry McGuire is about some of the political issues that occurred in the 1960s. The John F. Kennedy assassination was the inspiration for the song.