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Yes Hillary can still be Vice President because according to the twelfth amendment she meets the qualifications for president. There for she is qualified to be Vice President. She is a natural-born citizen at least 35 years of age and a resident of the United States for at least 14 years.

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No- at present she is Secretary of State and Joe Biden is the vice-president.

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Q: Will Hillary Clinton be vice president?
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Who is the newly elected vice president?

Hillary Clinton?

Who will be hillary Clinton's choice for vice president?

WE will have to wait and see.

If Hillary Clinton were elected and bill were her vice president and she died during office who would succeed her?

Bill Clinton can not legally serve as Vice-president because he can not again be president, having already served two full terms. If Hillary were elected and died, the legally installed vice-president would succeed her.

Who is out vice president?

Pop Fernandeze Pop Fernandeze hillary clinton james bond

If he jimmy carter ran for reelection than who ran for vice president?

hillary Clinton

Could Bill Clinton could be Vice President For Hillary?

No. The vice-president must be eligible to be President, which Bill is not, having already served two terms as President.

Is Hillary Clinton the newly elected vice-president?

No. She was President Obama's Secretary of State for his first term. The recently reelected Vice-President is Joe Biden.

Does anyone think that if Hillary runs for president she will choose Bill to be her vice president?

Bill Clinton is not eligible to be vice-president since he has already been twice elected as president.

Is Hillary Clinton a good president?

Hillary Clinton is not, and has never been, President of the United States.

What is Hillary Clinton's job title in the President's cabnet?

Hillary Clinton is President O'Bama's Secretary of State.

Did Clinton work in congress?

Neither former Vice President George Clinton nor former President Bill Clinton was elected to the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives; both had been state Governors.Clintons who have been U.S. Senators are...DeWitt Clinton (1802-1803; nephew of the Vice President)Hillary Rodham Clinton (2001-2009; wife of the President)Clintons who have been members of the U.S. House of Representatives are...George Clinton, Jr. (1805-1809; nephew of the Vice President)James G. Clinton (1841-1845; nephew of the Vice President)

Is Hillary Clinton president?

No she is not.