Will hillary cliton win

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hillary Clinton ran for the Democratic position in the 2008 Presidential election but lost to Barack Obama. She is rumored to run again in 2016.

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Q: Will hillary cliton win
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Will Hillary Cliton win the election?

YES OF COURSE; 1st girl president

Who is the us securtary of state?

Hillary clinton

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I think Hillary will win

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Of course, in their Westchester County, NY home.

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The motto of Edmund Hillary is 'Nothing venture, nothing win'.

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Did Hillary Clinton win in the 2008 elections?

Without a doubt, yes; Hillary Clinton won the election of 2008.

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Hillary Clinton and John Mcain

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Bill Cliton is 65 years old because if he was born in 1946 and it is 2011 now he would be 65

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If Hillary Clinton were to win the 2008 election could Bill be her vp?