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There are probably a lot of correct answers, but Abraham Lincoln was noted for receiving and answering a letter from a little girl who said he needed to grow a beard. (see the link)

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Q: Will the president read a letter from a child?
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Does the president read his mail?

Yes he does because I sent him a letter then in two weeks the president and his wife both sent me a letter

If a letter is addressed to the parents of is the letter addressed to the child or the parent?

If a letter is addressed to the parents of a child, it is intended for the child's parents to read and act upon. The content of the letter is usually meant for the parents, as they are the recipients, even though it pertains to the child.

How does it takes if I sent letter to President Obama and respond back?

Presidents have a large team of assistants who read their mail and sometimes answer. Your letter would never, ever be seen by the President. Makes sense, though . . . if the President read every letter, he could do nothing else. No being the president, no being a husband, no being a father, no sleeping, no eating.

If you send to letter to President Obama can he respond back to you?

He can, IF the letter makes it through his staff to him, personally. Only a very small percentage of letters are read by the President, personally.

If you send a letter to the president will he write back?

The president does not read most of the mail sent to him. Secretaries read it and answer it. Most of it fits into certain categories and covers certain topics. Usually the secretary answers it with an answer he has already provided for the issue you brought up.

Could anyone send a letter that can be reached and read by the President of the US?

Your letter will probably be sent to the secretary or if important to him himself but if you be more specific...

Does the president have to know how to read?

Well, its common sense. If you were the president and you didnt know how to read then how would you work? So yes the president must know how to read. :)

What is correct do not prevent the child to read or do not stop the child to read?

The correct phrase is "do not prevent the child from reading." This means allowing the child to read without hindrance or obstacles.

When was George Read president?

There was never a U.S. President named George Read, but there was a George Read who was President of Delaware from October 20, 1777 to March 31, 1778.

How much time do you have to spend reading to a child?

read at least 1 hour a day to a child and let the child read with you

What president was the only one to have a child in the White House?

The president with a child born in the white house was Grover. The president with a child who later became president was George Bush--- George W. Bush('00-'08)

Will Obama answer my letter?

if I write President Obama a letter, Will he answer me in mailing me a letter. <><><><><> To be honest, it is not very likely. All presidents are extremely busy, and get hundreds and thousands of letters each day. However, you may get A letter back from the White House. No President has the time to read ALL the letters they get each day, much less write back.