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1896, 1900 & 1908

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Q: William j Bryan first runs on free silver platform?
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Who ran for President against William McKinley?

McKinley faced off against William Jennings Bryan in both 1896 and again in 1900. McKinley won by a bigger margin the second time .The first campaign changed the way political campaigns were run. The Mark Hanna designed advertising was revolutionary. Use the link below to learn more.

Who did president Taft run against in his first allection?

William Taft ran against William Jennings Bryan, who was a member of the Democratic Party.William Bryan

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Why did William Jennings Bryan lose the 1896 presidential election?

counting the votes, he had less votes. (end of the first answer) Bryan favored the coining of silver , the end of protective tariffs and a federal income tax. He was called the "Great Commoner" with some reason. His ideas favored the farmers and the working people at the expense of the bankers, investors and factory owners. In this case, the Eastern establishment were able to put the Republican candidate, William McKinley into office. Bryan was only 36 , something of a fire-brand with little political experience. He may have scared some potential backers into voting for the solid, more experienced McKinley.

When was First Bryan Baptist Church created?

First Bryan Baptist Church was created in 1873.

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What has the author William Jennings Bryan written?

William Jennings Bryan has written: 'Tariff speech of William Jennings Bryan' -- subject(s): Tariff 'Prince of peace' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Apologetics 'The signs of the times' -- subject(s): Progress 'Seven questions in dispute' -- subject(s): Modernist-fundamentalist controversy 'Guaranteed banks' -- subject(s): Deposit insurance 'The last message of William Jennings Bryan' -- subject(s): Religion and science, Evolution 'The royal art' -- subject(s): Political science 'The world's famous orations' -- subject(s): Speeches, addresses 'In His Image' -- subject(s): Christianity, Addresses, essays, lectures 'The making of a man' -- subject(s): Conduct of life 'Famous Figures Of The Old Testament' '\\' -- subject(s): Sermons. 'Die englische Herrschaft in Indien' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Colonies 'Letters to a Chinese official' -- subject(s): Civilization, China 'The value of an ideal' 'Mr. Bryan's peace plan' -- subject(s): Governmental investigations 'The message from Bethlehem' -- subject(s): Peace, Arbitration, International, International Arbitration, Arbitration (International law) 'The old world and its ways' -- subject(s): Voyages around the world 'Bryan's currency creed' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Currency question, Silver question 'The first commandment' -- subject(s): Devotional literature 'The Voice of the People' 'The First Battle a Story of the Campaign of 1896' 'Christ And His Companions' 'The memoirs of William Jennings Bryan' 'Free MLM Leads' -- subject(s): Free MLM Leads 'Heart To Heart Appeals' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Political and social views 'The first battle' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Silver question, Silver (as money) 'Speeches of Congressman Bryan of Nebraska in the House of Representatives during the 52d and 53d Congress' 'The Commoner condensed' -- subject(s): Politics and government 'Selected orations of William Jennings Bryan' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Speeches, addresses, etc., American 'Imperialism' -- subject(s): Imperialism, Influence, Spanish-American War, 1898 'The People's Law' 'The Bible or Evolution?' 'Man' 'A defense of county option' -- subject(s): Local option 'Famous Roman Orations' 'The real Bryan'

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What was the major issue during the election of 1832?

the free and unlimited coinage of silver. -William McKinley wanted to remain on the gold standard. -William jennings Bryan and the populist party advocated for the silver standard. the free and unlimited coinage of silver. -William McKinley wanted to remain on the gold standard. -William jennings Bryan and the populist party advocated for the silver standard. realignment

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