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Q: Women had more rights than in other city-states?
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Do men have more rights than women?

There are some countries in the world, such as Saudi Arabia, in which men have more rights than women do. In other countries, such as the US, the legal rights of both sexes are exactly the same.

Why did women in of the often have more rights than other women of other regions?

i really don't know! hahaha lolz

Who had more rights in Hebrew socitety men or women?

Men had more rights than women did.

How was the position of women in Kusch society different from that of Egyptian women?

Egyptan women had more rights than women in most other ancient societes.

How was women's treatment in Sparta different from their treatment in the rest of Greece?

Because Spartan women had more rights than other Greek women.

How is India's government an example of cultural interaction?

Women in India have more rights

Why did more women join the national American suffrage association after the organization did what?

succeeded in winning voting rights for women

What are the rights of men?

They definitely have more rights than women.

Which enlightenment thinker wrote the most about women?

Mary Wollstonecraft wrote about the rights of women more than most other Enlightenment thinkers

What are the rights of Indian women today?

In modern India, women have achieved high offices in India including that of the President, Prime minister, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Leader of Opposition, and more. The current President is a woman. Women have the same rights as men.

Did pilgrim women have as many rights as pilgrim men?

yes. In fact they had more rights than women in England!

How had more rights women or men?