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Zabriskieâ??s Mansion House was the main headquarters for George Washington and his troops during their retreat across New Jersey. Betty Zane was known as a hero during the Revolution War for her part in retrieving gun powder that was needed by the troops that came under siege at Fort Henry in September of 1782.

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dummy he said french revolution not the American Revolution

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Q: Words that start with the letter z in the french revolution?
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What is one way that American Revolution contribute to the start of the French Revolution?

the cost of supporting the american revolution caused the french king to propose tax increases

What were the Cahiers?

The Cahiers were a list of issues and grievances which were issued by estates in France. The Chaiers were released shortly before the start of the French Revolution.

What people in the American Revolution names start with the letter U?

The united states of america

Why was the American Revolution more successful in creating a democratic government then the French Revolution was?

There is a quite simple explanation for that. The American Revolution was victorious while the French revolution was eventually defeated, both from the inside by the establishing of Napoleon Bonaparte's empire and from the outside by the Holly League created specially for that purpose.its funny because the American revolution created democracy but the founding fathers were anti democratic and pro republic (rule by law)the french revoultionaries were more democratic, but they ended up being a bloodthirsty tyrany of the majority dictatorship.the french revolution although defeated influenced the change of many countries in Europe and latin America to follow their model. America and the french gainedf influnece from each other during the french revolution. out of the two the french one was more important

Who did Jefferson support at the start of the war between France and England?

At the beginning of the British French War of 1793 Thomas Jefferson was in support of France. He believed that the Americans owed their loyalties to this country because of their support during the American Revolution.