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a secondary source APEX ;)

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Q: Writing that brings together and interprets records of several people?
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Who did Crispus Attucks get married to?

mabe he could of gotten divorcedANSWER:Little is known about Crispus Attucks, but several historians believe he was a runaway slave. So, if he was or wasn't married, there are no records to show it.In 1888, the city of Boston erected a monument to honor Attucks and others who died in the unfortunate event, known as the Boston Massacre, on March 5, 1770.

What happened to the counties in Virginia that opposed secession?

Several attempts were made to band together the Unionist counties, and after adding and removing some undecided counties the State of West Virginia was formed. Throughout the first 3 years of the war, about half of West Virginia was in Confederate hands.

What is difference between centrifugal federalism and centripetal federalism?

a centrifugal state comes into existance,when several smaller states merge together to form one big state through an agreement or a treaty after giving up their soverginty and independence and agree to form one big sovergin state with one central govt.and many federationg units with certain autonomy AND when several smaller states securing freedom and independence from a foreign rule decide to form one big soverign nation through an agreement or a treaty

What does indivisible mean in the pledge of allegiance?

The pledge of allegiance refers to all the states that make up the republic of the United States. Indivisible means that the states would remain together and not separate into separate countries.It was originally written by Francis Bellamy (1855 - 1931) in August 1892. There have been several changes since then.

Which people have formed an economic oligarchy in several Latin America countries?

which people have formed an economic oligarchy in several latin American countries

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Writing that brings together and interprets the firsthand records of several people is which of these?

A secondary source

Who was Hiaasen's writing partner?

Carl Hiaasen's writing partner was William D. Montalbano. They collaborated on several crime novels together.

Do you have several templates to choose from for dismissing your attorney?

There is no special template or form necessary. Call the attorney and notify him/her that you no longer require their services. Then follow it up with something in writing for your records.

What important Shakespearian event happened in 1592?

It is not known exactly when Shakespeare began writing, but contemporary allusions and records of performances show that several of his plays were on the London stage by 1592.

How many gun owners are there in connecticut?

There are no records. It is estimated that there are several hundred thousand.

What is Encoding in psychology?

It's the way in which the mind interprets and stores information that it receives. There are several different ways of encoding; for example, acoustically, semantically, visualy.

What is several ships traveling together?

A group of several ships traveling together is called a convoy.

Using several pulleys together is known as what?

several pulleys working together is known as a pulley system.

Can you take diclofenac and hydrocodone together?

If your doctor prescribed them to you together, you can take them. If you have gotten them from several different doctors, you need to tell your doctor what all your medications are and let him or her check your medical records to be sure it's safe.In general, you do not take two pain medications together. You would take the diclofenac to take care of most of the pain. Then, in several hours, if you start feeling more pain, you could take hydrocodone then. Check with the doctor to be sure.

Who records several trips to Jerusalem during Jesus' ministry?

John records Jesus' visits to Jerusalem, particularly at the times of the Passover feasts.

Who was the first freed slave?

It was several thousand years ago, and no records. Sorry.

What is several musicians together?