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Report up the chain of command that the data which the contractor used in the proposal may be flawed.

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Report up the chain of command that the data which the contractor used in the proposal may be flawed.

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report the problem to the dod ig fraud waste and abuse hotline ,citing the contractor for inaccurately touting performance in those tests

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Q: You are a government Program Manager and you suspect the contractor's test results stated in the new procurement proposal are inaccurate?
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What are some simple errors contractors make when bidding for government contracts?

Over the years and while evaluating proposals/bids, I have seen some small contractors make some mistakes which clearly shows that they have not properly considered the requirements of the Request for Proposal or Invitation to Bid document carefully. They have in some instances included technical and financial information instead of submitting it separately as per the requirements (especially in those jurisdictions which do not have an electronic submission system), they did not sign the bid/tender submission form, they have mixed up sections of their proposal while putting it together or the sections are not properly completed while others are left out, they forgot to include in their proposal, the CVs/Resumes of the key personnel stated and most importantly have not clearly articulated in their proposal how they intend to address the problem/concern the Request for Proposal was trying to solve. The thing is, the government contracting agencies know fully well that contractors have the expertise in the particular area but, often times these contractors do not hire an expert or the right person to accurately reflect their methodologies on paper/in writing.

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A tender evaluation report is a document that summarizes the assessment process of bids or proposals received from suppliers or contractors in response to a tender or Request for Proposal (RFP). The report typically includes details on the evaluation criteria, scores given to each bid, and the rationale behind the selection of the winning bidder. It provides transparency and accountability in the procurement process.

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