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Molly pitcher

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Q: Young woman who gained fame for regularly carrying a pitcher of water to the hot and wounded American soldiers on the battlefield?
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Where was the battlefield of World War I?

Although global in combat, the countrysides of France and Belgium were the main battlefields for American soldiers.

Did soldiers die from disease during the Spanish-American war?

Yes, more died from disease than from battlefield trauma.

A place where soldiers to hide on the battlefield?


What did Abigail Adams do on the battlefield?

She was out protect the soldiers.

What did Molly Pitcher do as a job?

She brought water to soldiers on the battlefield during the american revolution. Hope this helps!

Why did Clara Barton go to the battlefield?

She was a nurse who gave aid to soldiers on the battle field in the Civil War. She save so many lives so they gave her the name Angel of the battle field. Clara was one of the first women allowed to help save life in the war

What American woman aided wounded soldiers on the battlefield during the civil war?

What American woman aided wounded soldiers on the battlefield during the civil war TO IMPROVE THE ANSWER. Many women helped wounded soldiers on the battlefields and in the hospitals and not only tended to them but also had a pivotal role in improving the sanitary organization. Some bright example: Dorothea Dix of the United States Sanitary Commission and Clara Barton who earned the nickname "the Angel of the Battlefield", became "Head Nurse" in the Army of the James, was placed by Lincoln in charge of the search for the missing men of the Union Army and in 1881 started the American Red Cross.

How were wounded soldiers treated in ww1?

they had surgery in the battlefield

What is a name for a place for soldiers to hide on the battlefield?

sheltor olders

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Battlefield pick ups or issued.

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not nice

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