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Q: A life changing discovery for Paleolithic people?
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Which discovery made life less difficult for Paleolithic people?


What was the biggest factor that led to the changing of traditional ways of life in the Arabian peninsula?

The discovery of large oil reserves!

Why is the Paleolithic age important?

life is short..


life is short..

What is the movie wanted about?

The movie 'Wanted" is about an account manager who is frustrated and tired of his life and makes an life-changing discovery. He realizes that he is the son of a profession assassin and soon he joins the team.

Paleolithic animal paintings could not be described as?

Paleolithic animal paintings cannot be described as abstract. The types of art that Paleolithic animal paintings represent are life, nature, and natural habitats.

How was Neolithic life different from Paleolithic?

Neolithic life was characterized by the development of agriculture and settled communities, while Paleolithic life was based on hunting and gathering and a nomadic lifestyle. Neolithic people also started to engage in more complex trade networks, created pottery, and built permanent structures like houses and temples.

What were the periods of the stone age?

The three periods of the Stone Age were the Paleolithic Age, Mesolithic Age, and the Neolithic Age. During the Paleolithic Age hunting and gathering were the way of life. In the Mesolithic Age people began to make semi-permanent houses. In the Neolithic Age people started working together and living a community-type life.

What is true about life paleolithic times?

they did not live in a group, i dont get this answer

How the discovery of the americium affected human life?

Americium doesn't affect the lives of people.

The discovery of at burial sites of early people indicates they believed in life after death.?

all of them

What was life during the Paleolithic Era?

During the Paleolithic Era, people were nomads and Paleolithic was known as old stone age. People were nomads in which they moved from place to place in search of food and shelter. They also made simple tools using bone, wood, and stone. They use fire and make clothes from animal skin (hide). Women also gathered berries and Men hunt for buffalo. They love in groups of 15-20 people.