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what is an ancient culture that lived near the sea ? what is an ancient culture that lived near the sea ?

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Q: Ancient culture that lived by the sea?
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Where did the Nazca culture live?

They lived in ancient Egypt.:)

What ancient culture used sea trading in the Mediterranean Sea?

The Phoenicians.

What are the major aspects of ancient civilizations?

The people who lived and created that culture.

What part of ancient Indian culture do you think has had the greatest effect on othè culture today?

I think the greatest effect of ancient indian culture is native americans because the lived in a lot of places for a long time

Does Neptune live in the sea?

According to ancient mythology, yes, Neptune lived in the sea and was also the patron of horses.

What is Many ancient Greeks lived near the sea and became fishers sailorand?


What did Ancient Greeks that lived near the sea become?

Fishers,Sailors,Perfacures --N00B

Where did the ancient Greeks live?

The ancient Greeks lived in Greece. The normal house was a courtyard with rooms around it. Most Greeks lived near the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and in southern Europe. Some citys they lived in are Athens, Sparta, and Crete. They inspired many cultures from their beliefs.

Who are primitive people in ancient greek?

Anyone who isn't Greek. That is to say people everywhere who lived in the ancient past all believed they were at the peek of civilization at that time; their culture was best, because they lived in it. Happens in the modern time, too.

The ancient Greeks worshiped the sea god Poseidon What does this tell you about Greek civiliztion?

Greeks lived in isolated communities.

What sea was most important to the Greeks?

the Greeks lived on the Mediterranean Sea... so I would say that one. They knew of the Black sea and the Caspian sea; and the ancient Greeks believed the Atlantic Ocean to be a world encompassing sea.

Where did the Minoan people live?

the Minoans lived on islands of the Aegean sea The name "Minoan" refers to the most famous King of the the primary source of Minoan culture, Crete. Minos was the King of Knossos, the largest city on Crete. The modern city of Heraklion is built on its ruins.