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yes because it is .hello? u are suppose to answer it by yourself not me so deal with de problem. DO UR OWN WORK AND DON 'T COPY SOMEONE ELSE'S IDEA

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Q: Are Cicero's ideas relevant today
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What were ciceros ideas for ancient rome?

that rome should be governed by a ruler that did what was best for Rome instead of what the people wanted.

Is Charles drewsdiscoveriesmand ideas relevant to us today?

Charles Drew laid the foundation of today's blood banks and the way blood plasma is collected and handled.

What parables of Jesus are not relevant today?

None, they are all relevant today.

Ciceros ravorite color?


How do you get past the frogs in Ciceros Strait on Endless Ocean Blue World?

the frogs are not in ciceros stait its the cortica river and i don't know

Was the cell theory only relevant in 1800s?

no, it is relevant even today

Is untouchable relevant today?

yes it is.

Is class still relevant today?


Is science still relevant today?

Science is tremendously relevant today, probably more relevant than it has ever been. The world runs on technology, which can only be understood by means of science.

Is existentialism is still relevant today?

Yes, existentialism is still relevant today as it addresses themes such as freedom, choice, individuality, and the search for meaning in a world that can feel chaotic and uncertain. Existentialist ideas continue to resonate with individuals facing existential questions and struggling with the complexities of modern life.

Is today's education relevant to students needs?

yes today's education is relevant as today ther is so much of study today so it's sufficient for us we can't syudy more then that

Is the study of the Salem Witch Trails relevant today why or why not?

The history of humanity is always relevant.