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It is not used today no, and that is due to its complexity

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No, too complex.

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Q: Are ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics still used today?
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What is Egyptian writing or letters called?


What is a ancient Egyptian number writing called?

This ancient writing is called hieroglyphics. Many different pictures represent words and numbers. Hieroglyphics are used today still... kinda. Picture icons are like hieroglyphics.

Ancient Egyptian was written with little pictures. today we call this kind of writing what?


How are Egyptian hieroglyphics used today?

Today, hieroglyphics are only used as decorations, particularly to convey an Egyptian theme.

How do you use the word hieroglyphics in a sentence?

The ancient Egyptian civilization used hieroglyphics as their writing system, which consisted of various symbols and images to convey meaning. Today, archaeologists and scholars study hieroglyphics to better understand the culture and history of ancient Egypt.

Are hieroglyphics still useful today?

yes but only a small weak form of this language is used today but only in a Coptic Church.

What is the name given to this ancestor of all the picture or symbolic road signs that you have today about cuneiform?

The ancestor of all picture or symbolic road signs that we have today is called the Rosetta Stone. It is an ancient Egyptian artifact that contained inscriptions in three languages: Greek, Demotic, and Hieroglyphics, which allowed scholars to decipher and understand ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Why can only few people understand and read Egyptian hieroglyphics?

This is not true. Many thousands of people today can understand and read Egyptian hieroglyphics.

What is a general statement about ancient Egypt?

Ancient Egyptian culture is still important today.

Is hieroglyphics associated with Egyptian history?

The egyptians used hieroglyphics instead of A,B,C and 1,2,3. Instead they had their own little way which people still use today.

Do Egyptians use hieroglyphics today?

No, modern Egyptians speak and write Arabic using the Arabic script.

How are ancient Egyptian pyramids still standing today?

because they're strong