Are greek gods angles

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no in greek mythology there is no angles heros but no angles

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Q: Are greek gods angles
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Can you be a descendant of one of the Greek Gods?

No, the Greek gods are myth.

Are the greek gods imortal?

Yes, the Greek gods are immortal.

What are the names of six Greek gods?

Gods from Greek Mythology:AphroditeApolloArtemisAthenaDionysusHeraHermesPoseidonZeus

How are Greek gods different to Greek people?

greek people adored the gods and they say that depending on how much they adore them the gods helped them.

Who was the ruler of the Greek gods?

Zeus was the ruler of the Greek Gods and Kronos was the ruler of the Titans.

What Greek gods did Ares kill?

The Greek gods could not die.

Who would win in football the Aztecs or the greek gods?

Greek gods

What are the missing powers of all Greek gods?

With the Greek goddesses and gods.

Are Greek gods divine or human?

A:The Greek gods were divine.

Why are Greek villains Greek gods?

Greek villians are Titans. And titans arent greek gods. THey're TITANS.

Are the Greek gods more important than the Greek goddesses?

No. The Greek gods were just as important.

What cities did the greek gods have influence on?

The Greek gods were worshiped in all ancient Greek cities.