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yes people can live in it but they can get in trouble for it

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Q: Are pagodas only temples or can people live in a pagoda?
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What was the importance of temples?

So people that live in the place of the temples can worship their Gods.

What kind of shelter do people in Greece live in?

They live in temples.

What do people in Kyoto Japan live in?


What do you people live in Kyoto japan?

Temples or Apartments

Is there a difference between Buddhism pagoda and monastery?

A pagoda is a type of temple, mainly in China or Japan, and a monastery is a place where monks and nuns live and work.

Could ancient egyptians live in temples?

No. The temples are the homes of the Gods.

What were Buddhist shrines called?

It is called a Pagoda, but it was developed from the Indian dome structure called a Stupa.

Do ancient Egyptian pharaohs live in temples?

no temples are like burial tombs

Do Greek gods live in temples?

They did not live in temples. They were said to reside on Mount Olympus, oe of the highest (if not the highest) point in Greece.

Where did the ancient priest live?

They lived in their temples

Where did ancient Egyptian pharaoh's live?

in their temples

What was the place of worship for ancient Mesopotamia?

The ancient Mesoppotamian's Places Of worship were large temples in the center of the city for the god's to live in. and there were smaller more common temples all around the city for the people to make/give offerings.