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The age boys attended school was dependent on which city-state they lived in. Spartan boys were sent of to school at the age of 7. Athenian boys began attending school at the age of 14.

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Q: At what age did the boys of ancient Greece go to school?
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At what age did boys in ancient Greece go ot school and what did they learn?

Boys would go to school at 6 am in ancient Greece and then would learn about how to be rude to girls and hate on them...BTW i am a girl!

At what age did boys go to school in ancient Greece?

They would usually go at age 6 or 7

Children in Ancient Greece?

Children's lives in Ancient Greece differed based on the city state they grew up in. Spartan boys began military training at the age of 7 and did not return home. Athenian boys were home schooled until the age of 13 and then were sent to school.

What are the differences between ancient Spartan Greece children and ancient Athenian children?

Athenian boys went to school in ancient greece, not the girls. girls were home schooled in the athens. they learned to read and write at home. athenian boys went to school at age 6 or 7. Unlike the athens, both spartan boys and girls went to school. HOPE THIS HELPS!!! XOXO Candy Maya

Did the boys go to school in ancient Egypt?

yes the boys did go to school at age 7.

Did everyone in ancient Greece go to school?

Boys went to school at age 7 but the girls stayed at home wih their mothers to learn to - cook clean and play the lyre.

What age were boys in ancient Greece allowed to vote?

I believe they would have to be 30 years. If not then I have no clue

In ancient Greece did only boys go to school and girls stay at home?

In Sparta ate age 7 boys and girls went to training, but then at age 15 girls married. In Athens ate age 7 only boys went to training which included education and girls stayed home.

When did ancient roman boys leave school?

Roman boys left school at the age of 12 or 13, but if they were chosen to go to a special school, left that at the age of 14.Hope this helps.

Did ancient Rome and ancient Greece both have a golden age?

Rome and Greece

What age do you have to be in Sparta in ancient Greece?

for what

What age did Ancient Egyptian boys go to school?

Boys in ancient Egypt start school at 4 years old and end at 15 years old. Only boys could go to school and they learned reading and writing at the school master's house. After they finish school they train to become a scribe.

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