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It conquered most of the Sumer civilization's territory.

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Q: Based on the map what can be determined about the Akkadian Empire?
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There never was a "Greek empire".

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What did the Persian Empire look like?

It depends on how the question is intended. If the question is about the borders of the Empire, you can get a map of the Eastern Hemisphere and look at Egypt and Turkey in the west and Central Asia and Pakistan in the East. That area spanned the Persian Empire. Please see the Related Link with such a map. If the question is referring to buildings and cities within Persia, they would have been very impressive to the people. The buildings would be large boxes with large open spaces, collonades, and detailed carvings. Please see the Related Link with reconstructions of Persepolis, the Persian capital.

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Look at a map and see the numerous countries from Libya in the west, through the Middle East, stretching to Central Asia and Pakistan.

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