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Q: Believing in a Universe hundreds of thousands of years old and possibly ageless which ancient people had the largest conception of time?
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What saint lived in the 500 AD to 1400 AD?

Hundreds, if not thousands, of saints lived during that time frame.

What pharaoh built the temple?

It was built for the Pharaoh Kuhfu, also known as Cheops who wanted it built for him when he died.

What is the ancient Egyptian symbol for zero?

The ancient Egyptian numeric system has no zero, nor does it need one. Because there are completely different signs for units, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands and so on, simply leaving out one type of sign expresses the absence of that number - no zero is required.In writing, the idea of "nothing" or "zero" is expressed by the word nfr but this is not used in arithmetic calculations.

Did ezio kill all templers?

First off, it's Templars. Second, there were hundreds, if not thousands of Templars in the time of the Renaissance. Do you HONESTLY think Ezio could exterminate ALL of them? Doubtful. Play the games, and learn for yourself.

What base did the egyptian number system use?

The ancient Egyptian numeric system did not operate on a "base" system such as we use today; it is true that the system used units, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands and so on, but each of these numeric values was represented by completely differentnumerals.So in our own system the number 538 is not the same as 835, but in the Egyptian system it could be identical - because it was written with the signs for 5x100, 3x10 and 8x1 and it would mean the same if written in reverse (8 units, 3 tens and 5 hundreds).This explains why no zero was required - simply leaving out one kind of numeric sign meant the absence of that particular value.

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Why do they think there are hundreds of thousands of galaxies?

They (scientists) think there are hundreds of thousands of galaxies because the universe is limitless so there may be billions of galaxies!

Which is correct - 'Hundreds of thousands of people' or 'hundreds and thousands of people?


How much is hundreds of thousands?

It is simply an unspecified number of hundreds of thousands!

How many hundreds are in 3 thousands?

30 hundreds are in 3 thousands

What is smaller hundreds or thousands?


What is inside the universe Hi I would like to know what is inside in the universe How and What did we come form?

Inside the universe, there are hundreds and thousands of galaxies, stars and solar systems. We came from God, He created us on earth and we have lived here ever since.

Is the universe made up of hundreds of millions of galaxy's?

Not just hundreds of millions. The observable universe contains hundreds of billions of galaxies.

How many thousands equal 50 hundreds?

How many thousands equal 50 hundreds?

What is hundreds of 700000?

7 hundreds thousands

Is there more that one universe?

possible.although this universe is expanding all the time and hundreds of new galexys are being made and some scientist has proven that there is hundreds apon thousands of alian races. but a completely different universe wow that would be cool. but we will never find out until we make a strong enought telescope or a strong enough space ship.

How many alien races are in the Big O Universe?

There are trillions of alien races (with hundreds of thousands of them per galaxy; excluding humans) in the Big O anime universe (in reality; Paradigm City is a computer simulation).

Does thousands mean hundreds of thousands?

Obviously not!!