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Atrium? (:

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Q: Central court area in roman house open to the sky?
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Was pompey Roman?

Pompey was a Roman from aprovincialwealthy family from Picenum (ItalianPiceno) an area in the modern Marche region on the easterncoastof central Italy.

What is the palaestra in roman baths?

The Palaestra was the exercise area, often a large open court.

What is the definition of clearing house?

A clearing house is a central collection area or institution where checks and other accounts are settled. It can also refer to a central location where different things are collected and stored.

What is a forum in Greek mythology?

A forum was the Roman market place or open central area. In Greece called agora.

What is an open air reception Area in an ancient roman house?

The reception area of the housed of rich Romans was centred around the atrium

What is the central area of a Roman Amphitheatre where gladitorial contests were held called?

The central area where gladiatorial contests were held is simply called harena, or the arena. This is a Latin word that means "sand", but also can connote any place where a contest is held.

How did charlemagne become the first holy roman emperor?

He created a central government for Western Europe.

What is a calotte?

A calotte is a skullcap worn by Roman Catholic priests, the central area of the crown of a bird's head, or the upper or lower half of the globe of the eye.

Was France ever a part of the old roman country?

The area now called France was under Roman rule for several hundred years, as was much of western and central Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

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