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Vast Empires

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Q: Classical civilizations developed what whereas early River valley civilizations did not?
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What characteristic nod classical civilizations was NOT inherited from river valley civilizations?


How river valley civilizations influenced the development of classical civilizations?

They had to sale the slaves from africa in order to get more gold and more food in order to survive

What are five geographic features where the first civilizations developed?

The Yangtse Valley, Indus Valley, Tigris Valley, Euphrates Valley, Nile Valley.

Where were the first four areas on the earth were civilizations developed?

Nile Valley, Tigris and Euphrates Valleys, Indus Valley, Yangtse Valley.

Expanded trade regional empires and increased global trade are all effects of which of the following?

APEX: The transition from river valley civilizations to classical civilizations.

What are the differences between River Valley and Classical Civilizations for World History?

they were all located along the same river systems. <--------This is GOLd!!

Which civilization developed in the valley of Mexico?

The most important was the Aztec or Mexicacivilization.

What first two civilizations developed along the Indus river?

The Indus River Valley civilization and the Ashokan empire.

Where did the earliest European civilizations develop?

The earliest European civilizations developed in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. These civilizations laid the foundation for Western culture, political systems, and philosophy that continue to influence the world today.

What has led historians to believe that these four great river valley civilizations to developed independently of each other?

They were so far apart.

What are the civilizations of the Indus River valley?

The Harappan or Indus Valley civilization was located in the Indus Valley of Pakistan and the Sarasvati river valley in north India, from about 2600 to 1900 BC.

Which characteristic of classical civilizations was NOT inherited from river valley civilizations?

well this is very complex but the characteristics of a civilization is farting everyone farts therefore it is a characteristic of a civilization