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Protect their cities from invasion.

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answer it yoursef

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thats not an answer pfft
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dang dude chill, if you cant answer it, say so lmao

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Q: Classical civilizations erected monumental sculptures such as obelisks and stelae to do all of the following except?
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Which of the following describes an important achievement of classical Chinese civilizations?

Inventing Paper

Expanded trade regional empires and increased global trade are all effects of which of the following?

APEX: The transition from river valley civilizations to classical civilizations.

The sculptures pictured below come from two different historical periods. The sculpture on the left was crafted in Greece during the classical era. The sculpture on the right was created in the Renais?

APEX: Renaissance artists developed their artistic styles by following examples left by classical civilization.

The illuminated manuscripts created by the Axum civilization demonstrate a clear cultural exchange between Axum and which of the following classical civilizations?

athenian democracy APEX

Classical and neo classical theories of international production?

which are the companies that are following the classical and neo classical theories of management????

What following trend started in the early civilization and became stronger in the classical civilization?

The trend of urbanization started in early civilizations and became stronger in classical civilizations. As populations grew and societies became more complex, cities emerged as centers of political, economic, and cultural activity. This trend was particularly evident in civilizations such as ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

The classical civilizations of India and China shared which of the following traits with the Roman Empire?

They each had complex governments.

Which of the following was an important impact of the classical roman empire?

Specify 'the following'.

What are the following best explains why many of the early civilizations developed in the river valleys following the Neolithic revolution?

River valleys provided early civilizations with fertile soil that allowed for farming.

Job specialization advanced cities and technology and complex social institutions are all characteristics of which of the following?

A. Regions B. Civilizations C. Continents D. Biomes

Was Johannes Brahms in classical romantic or baroque?

he is considered to have been at the start of the romantic era following the classical era

Historians believe that Ancient Rome was most influenced by which of the following civilizations?