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Unlike the earlier rulers who used brutality and force to rule, today's rulers are more civilized and look for better ways of resolving conflicts. Hunting and gathering has also stopped as modern people embrace new ways of development.

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he believed to be a god

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Q: Compare the duties of Sumerian rulers to those of rulers countries today?
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What were the duties of the sumerian rulers?

the duties of the Sumerian army's are: to fight in the war from other villages, to follow the leader of the army's directions, and to protect there village from harm.

Did the Sumerian's believe the afterlife were for rulers?

my belief is yes they did

Two examples of strong rulers in the Fertile Crescent?

two famous rulers of the fertile crescent were the sumerian rulers and the Euphrates because they had more goods to supply to people

Who were the rulers of sumer?

a sumerian ruler named lunacki and his evil brother folicity his lunacki's wife was one ruler.She was named the overseer.

The rulers of what countries are shia clerics?


What countries have had rulers known as Czars?


Why did Sumerian cystitis often go to war whit one another?

There is no record of Sumerian bladder inflammations fighting one another. The city states, on the other hand, battled to gain resources, territory, and prestige for their rulers.

How did the Sumerian differ from the Egyptians in the way they viewed their rulers?

The Sumerian kings (called Lugals) had different roles in the various Sumerian cities where they ruled, but often is was a mixture of priestly roles and purely chief executive roles. Despite those priestly roles, Sumerians did not see their kings as descendants of the gods or as gods themselves. The Egyptiands did.

When was the Uraeus worn?

The Egyptian rulers wore the uraeus on public occasions when performing public duties. It was their crown or their symbol of authority and divine protection. The death masks of rulers also had the uraeus.

Are there any female Islamic rulers?

Yes, many female rulers were ruling Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other Islamic countries.

What were the functions of the rulers of the sumerian city-states?

they ruled the land and protected them from any bad spirits. They also gave the sacrifices for the gods

How could i use the word countries' in a sentence?

Countries' is a plural possessive, meaning "belonging to the countries." The countries' rulers met to discuss the treaty.