Daughter of tantalus

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Q: Daughter of tantalus
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Element named after daughter of Tantalus?

The element named after the daughter of Tantalus is niobium. It was originally known as "columbium" but was officially renamed to niobium in 1949 by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). The name change was made to avoid confusion with a similar element, tantalum, which is also named after Tantalus.

Daughter of tantalus in greek mythology?

The daughter was Niobe

Who was the daughter of tantalus whose children were slain by apollo and artemis?


How did niobium get its name?

Niobium was named after Niobe, the daughter of Tantalus from Greek mythology. This name was chosen because niobium is chemically similar to tantalum, which is named after Niobe's father.

He killed and cooked his daughter to please the gods but was punished instead?

Tantalus did it to his son.

Who is Tantalus's wife?

The identity of his wife is variously given: Dione; or Eurythemista, a daughter of the river-god Xanthus; or Euryanassa, daughter of Pactolus, another river-god, or Clytia, the child of Amphidamantes.

What was the moral for Tantalus?

The moral is that when you become to selfish, it affects more people than just you. After Tantalus died his evilness had been passed down to his daughter and then to her kids and their kids.

What did Tantalus daughter do and how was she punished?

Niobe, daughter of Tantalus: told her people to stop worshiping Leto and Apollo and Artemis, for Niobe thought herself and her children greater then those gods and goddesses. She was punished by her six sons and six daughters dying at the hands of Apollo and Artemis: some myths claim a daughter or/and son survived.

Who is the weeper of myth?

In Greek mythology, Niobe is the weeper of myth. Niobe was the daughter of Tantalus and her brothers were Pelops and Broteas.

Where does Niobium come from?

you find it in CANAD BoMD or Brazil and it's extracted from tantalum. it's called niobium because it was once confused with tantalum which is named after tantalus in greek mythology and niobe, tantalus's daughter. That is the reason it is called BOMB. Do you understand my friend.

When was Tantalus monkey created?

Tantalus monkey was created in 1841.

When was Aellopos tantalus created?

Aellopos tantalus was created in 1758.