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ditches dug and built to control flooding and to better water more land

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Q: Define ancient irrigation system
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What is an ancient irrigation system?

Same as a modern irrigation system but built a long time ago

What define perennial irrigation?

In perennial irrigation system water required for irrigation is supplied in accordance with the crop requirement througout the crop period.

How invited irrigation system?

By the beginning of the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia.

How does the ancient Egyptian irrigation system work?

farming technique

Who were the first to use irrigation in the world?

i don't know, but from what i learned in class, the ancient egyptians or the ancient Chinese were one of the first to use the irrigation system

Who used the ancient irrigation system?

the Mesopotamia's i think started it. or the Chinese

Who created irrigation?

The ancient sumerians developed the very first methods of irrigation.

What type of irrigation method was a unique one in the ancient world and used by ancient Rome?

Ancient civilizations often used a nearby river to be diverted to a degree with irrigation ditches which led to farmlands that required water for the growing of crops. In ancient Egypt the yearly flooding of the Nile river provided a source of water for the irrigation of farmlands. This was the typical irrigation system of ancient times.

Did they have irrigation system in ancient china?

Yes, many advanced ancient civilizations used Irrigation. It was one of their many keys to success.

How did the Mesopotamians irrigate their soil?

They irrigated their soil by using the irrigation system that was first developed in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

What is chain pump system of irrigation?

`Chain pump system of irrigation is a traditional method of irrigation.

Why did ancient Chinese organize large groups of people to build and maintain irrigation systems?

Why didd the ancident chinese organize large groups of people to build and mainntain irrigation system