Describe Sparta's military

Updated: 4/28/2022
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spartas military was large and they had alot of weapons

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Q: Describe Sparta's military
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How was spartas government struchtured?

the spartan government was structured based on the strength of their military

What were spartas achievents?

What were spartas achievements

What was the most important aspect in Spartas life?

Raising families, military training, religious duties.

When was Ruben Spartas Mukasa born?

Ruben Spartas Mukasa was born in 1899.

When was Spartas social system created?

spartas social system was created in 783 b.c.

What is the differences between Athens and spartas military?

It varied from time to time. At its peak it was 200 warships and 35,000 part-time citizen-infantry.

What were the Spartas weapons?


What is Sparta's strength?

Spartas Strength is the Military, when the boys are first born they put them outside for a night with no food or water and if they lived the were strong and made to be a Warrior for sparta. The Spartans focused on their military and the Athens were more foucused on their Acedemics and worked on military too.

Who was spartas chief god?


Who do the spartas fight in 300?

they fight the Persians...

What is Spartas new name?


Where is the Spartas located?

They are located at the Pelopnnesus. They are located at the Pelopnnesus.