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The Incas were in the Americas, not in ancient Egypt. So no, the Incas never made mummies in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians did.

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Q: Did Incas in ancient Egypt make mummies?
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When did they make the mummies in ancient Egypt?

Ever Seince the first person died in Egypt

What did Ancient Egypt Make?

Pyramids and mummies. These are the 2 main things. Some others are food recipes, tombs, and jewelery.

Why people in papua new guinea make mummies?

People in Papua New Guinea actually don't make the dead into mummies. PNG is a strong, Christian nation. You must be mistaken with Ancient Egypt.

Where did they make mummies in Egypt?

Under the statue of Anubis

Are mummies rapped in bandidges?

Yes because later on in ancient Egypt they wanted the important people (Pharaohs) to last longer by preserving them. they tipped a special oil to make them last for longer which is why there is still a corpse from ancient Egypt today!

How did the ancient Egyptians make mummies?


Who made Egyptian mummies?

In ancient Egypt,only priests and his assistants were allowed to make mummies.The whole process takes 70 days.

How many mummies did ancient egyptians make?


Did ancient Egyptians make animal mummies?


Who were the first to make mummies on purpose?

mummies were "made" by ancient time Egyptians, it was a ceremony to honor the dead

Where did mummies live a long time ago?

Mummies didn't live anywhere. A mummy is what you get when you dry out and make a nice parcel out of a dead body. The place most associated with mummies is Egypt.

Do Egyptians still make mummies and why or why not?

Yes because in some parts of Egypt it is still considered a ritual in the culture.