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No. The Egyptian's mummified animals too in the same way as they did with human corpses. It is because they thought the animals were messengers of the God's. They Mummified animals such as~ * Cats- They believed they were messengers of the cat goddess Bastet * Crocodiles- They beleived they were messengers of the crocodile god Sobek * Calves-The believed they were messengers of the Cow goddess Bat

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Q: Did the Egyptians only mummify humans?
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Why did the Egyptians mummify their gods?

The ancient Egyptians did not mummify their gods but the bodies of their dead.

Why do Egyptians mummify people?

The Egyptians decided to mummify the rich/pharaohs because their belief in afterlife

Why is it important to mummify humans?

So that the body can be preserved and the soul can move on to the afterlife.(the egyptians believed in the after life).

What animals did egyptians mummify?

mummified cats and dogs but only if that was their rulers pet.

How do you use the word mummify in a sentence?

The Egyptians used to mummify their dead. Dry air can mummify a body.

Did the egyptians mummify animals?


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What chemicals did the Egyptians mummify with?

natron salt

Where do Egyptians mummify their dead?

They used to do so in Egypt.

What did the egyptians use the mediterranean sea for?

To mummify the deceased.