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No. The Fertile Crescent was the first civilization. The civilizations of the Indus Valley, Egypt, and China all predated the Greeks.

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Q: Did the Greeks build their civilization first?
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What were the Greeks first to build?

The Greeks were first to build libraries,theaters,Olympics, and first to have a democracy.That's mainlyi it see u ya

What was the first civilization to use marble?

Definitely the Greeks.

What was the first civilization to use greek fire?

The Greeks.

What was the first civilization built by Greeks?

Minoan Civilisation.

What Anceient Civilization hosted the first Olympics?

The Greeks.

Why weren't the Minoans Greeks at first?

The Minoans were not Greeks, but their civilization was the first to arise in the region that later became Greece.

Who made the first theatre?

Theatre as an art form has existed since the beginning of civilization and existed in many differnet cultures. The first civilization known to build spaces especially for performance were the ancient Greeks. Their 'Theotron' was a precursor to the Roman Ampitheatre.

Which civilization came first greek or roman?

The Greek civilization came before the Roman.

Where did the first civilizations start and why did they begin there?

First civilization developed with the greeks.

Which civilization is older the Greeks or the Phoenicians?

the greeks are older

Who were the first people in America to build civilization?

Jp Morgan

What was the capital of a major civilization that preceded the Greeks?

the city which was capital of a major civilization which preceded the Greeks was