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Q: Did the Greeks or the Romans name Virgo?
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Who name the Greeks Greeks?

The Romans named the Greeks in Greece.

Who named Virgo?

Constellations such as Virgo derived their names long ago from acient Greeks who could see pictures in the sky. It's very difficult now to see these pictures because we have so much light from other sources. Probably even the Greeks needed a lot of imagination to see them. Virgo supposedly looked like a young woman.

Who gave lions their name?

Romans and Greeks gave many animals their names. The Romans called them Leo and the Greeks leon

What was the name of the war when Romans defeated Greeks?


How was Zeus mportant to the Greeks?

He was the chief god of the Greeks. He was known by the name of Jupiter to the Romans.

What did Greeks and Romans name planets after?

They named the planets after their gods.

Why did the Romans name the god Jupiter?

beacouse the greeks had poesidon

What different groups of people of people contributed to the Byzantine culture?

They were the Greeks, the Romans,and the Latin

Why did the Greeks named the nile?

Neilos/Nile, was the name the Greeks called it; it stuck because the Romans passed it on.

How did the Romans get the idea of making a ballista?

The Romans adopted the ballista from the Greeks and perfected it. Ballista is a Greek name.

Is Apollo associated with the Romans?

The Romans also worshiped Apollo, he is one of the few gods the Greeks and Romans shared and did not have a "alternate" name.

What did the Greeks and Romans name the constellation after?

i belive they named them after important people