Did the Romans use gunpowder

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ancient Romans did not use gunpowder. Gunpowder was invented by China around the middle ages.

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Q: Did the Romans use gunpowder
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Did Romans use fireworks?

No, the Romans did not use fireworks. The use of fireworks originated in China, and it was not until centuries later that fireworks were introduced to Europe. Romans did have access to other forms of entertainment, such as gladiator combats, chariot races, and theatrical performances.

Who destroyed the original satue of Athena?

The statue was in the Parthenon, when the Romans took over they used it to store gunpowder, the gunpowder exploded destroying the Parthenon and its contents.

What did the Chinese use gunpowder for?

They used gunpowder for fireworks and weapons.

Why did they use gunpowder?


How long has gunpowder been in use?

Gunpowder was invented by the Ancient Chinese. Gunpowder came to Europe in the 1260s.

What is the collective noun of gunpowder?

There is no specific collective noun for gunpowder, in which case, you use an appropriate noun suited to the situation a pound of gunpowder, a flask of gunpowder, a box of gunpowder, etc.

Why do you use fireworks on guy Fawkes day?

because of the GUNPOWDER and GUNPOWDER is in fireworks

Is there a gun that is not powered by gunpowder?

Sure. Air guns don't use gunpowder.

Poptropica-where do you use the gunpowder?

Go to where the vikings are and go east. You'll see a cave which is blocked by the rocks, use the gunpowder and get in it

Do matches use gunpowder?

no, they use phosophorus as the reactant

What do they use gunpowder for?

Gun powder

Is gunpowder use today?