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No, nobody wanted to pay tribute the the goddess of discord.

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Q: Does Greek god Eris have a temple?
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Is Eris a Greek god or hero name?

Eris is a goddess. She's the greek goddess of discord

Was Eris named after a Roman god?

She is not. Eris is a Greek goddess - I can not find a Roman god to which you might be referring.

How did the Greek god Eris know Zeus?

Eris is the daughter of Zeus by Hera.

Is Eris the Dwarf planet named after Eris the Greek God of discord?

Yes, that's right.

What is Eris this god or goddess of?

greek goddess of strife and discord

Who is the Greek god of confusion?

Cydoimus: Greek God of Din of battle, confusion and uproar. Eris/Discordia : Greek Goddess of confusion, Chaos & laughter.

What temple has statue of Greek God Jason?

Jason is not a Greek god.

Eris is the god of?

Eris is the goddess of strife, discord, and chaos in Greek mythology. She is known for causing chaos and conflicts among gods and mortals.

What god only allows hades aphrodite and Eris to talk to him?

None of them in Greek myths.

Who is Greek goddess of discord and strife?

Eris, the sister and companion of Ares, the god of war.

What is the name of the temple of Greek god phoenix?

Temple of the Sun in Heliopolis

What is Eris greek name?

Eris IS a Greek name. Eris was the personification of "strife" and in Latin she was called Discordia.