Does medea die

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In the play by Euripides, Medea does not die. She rides off on a dragon-pulled chariot as Jason curses her.

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Q: Does medea die
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Who is the protagonist in Medea?


What does the name Medea mean?

The name Medea came from the mythology princess Medea and her husband Jason

What Happend to Medea after she killed the princess that was married to Jason?

After Medea killed the princess that was married to Jason, she was married with Jason. One day, Medea and Jason were at the beach and a ship timber fell on Medea's head. Then Medea died.

Who is kinesias in the story of medea?

Kinesias is not in the Story of Medea. He's in Lysistrata. Jason, Creon, and Aegeus are the Men in Medea

What is the complete name of Medea?

Her name is Medea, nothing more.

Is there Feminism in Medea?

yes there is feminism in Medea. a great deak

Who kills Medea's children?

Medea kills her own children.

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