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No, because Selene does not need a weapon, being the goddess of the moon and favored consort of Zeus.

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Selene the goddess of the moon's weapons are... spells.

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Yes, Selene the Greek goddess does have a weapon. She carries a bow and a quiver of arrows. She was the first goddess of the moon.

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Q: Does selene Greek godhave weapon
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What does the greek goddess selene do?

Selene is the goddess of the moon.

What is selene's favorite greek foods?

Selene's favorite food was goat.

Is Selene important?

Selene is the goddess and personification the Moon in Greek Mythology.

Was selene a heroine?

Selene was a Greek goddess, heroines are usually mortal.

What is a antonym for helios?

Selene. Helios is Greek god name for the sun and Selene is Greek godess name for the moon.

Is selene goddess a greek goddess or a roman goddess?

Selene is the Greek goddess, the Roman equivalent is Diana or Luna.

What is selene's the Greek goddess family Background?


Who is the counterpart of selene?

Selene is the Greek goddess of the Moon. Her Roman counterpart is Luna.

Who is Selene married too?

Endymion is the consort of Selene the Greek goddess of the Moon.

Who is the greek moon goddess?


Greek moon goddess?


Is selene dead?

Selene the Moon goddess of Greek mythology was immortal and so can not be dead.