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anchors are to ships

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Q: Farms are to hunting and gathering as?
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What is a sentence using the word hunting and gathering?

Hunting and gathering is being used in a sentence.

WHERE IS HUNTING AND GATHERING REGION IN TODAYWhere are Hunting and gathering societies at today society?


What replaced hunting and gathering in the early times?

Agriculture replaces hunting and gathering in early times.

What happen after the Neolithic revolution?

There are several things that happened after the Neolithic revolution. For instance, women stopped hunting and gathering since the men would work on farms and get food.

Is hunting and gathering new stone age or old stone age?

Hunting and Gathering is old stone age.

What does the term hunting and gathering mean?

Hunting means killing or capturing wild animals Gathering is just like collecting

Did hunters and gatherers start 10000 BC?

Hunting and gathering was the primary means of subsistence for humans from their beginning until the agricultural revolution around 6,000 B.C. Even today, some people still rely on hunting and gathering. Hunting and gathering didn't "start," there was no means of survival before hunting and gathering.

Which provided a more steady food supply-hunting and gathering or agricuture?

HUNTING-AND-GATHERING because they wouldn't have to have conflict over land.

What was the ancient period when people changed from hunting gathering to farming called?

The shift from hunting to gathering and then to farming is called civilization

What advantages farming and herding have over haunting and gathering as a way of life?

The biggest advantage of farming and herding over hunting and gathering as a way of life is that it is controlled. These methods of food gathering are more dependable than hunting and gathering.

What were hunting and gathering people called?


Hunting and gathering were in what stone age?