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Q: From what areas did the Romans originate?
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Did Romans originate from Italy or Greeks?


Why did the Romans claim to be conquering areas?

The Romans claimed to be conquering areas because they actually conquered them.

When did the Romans originate the Roman numerals?

They didn't because it was the Etruscans who concieved this form of numeracy and they once ruled the Romans.

How did the Roman numerals originate?

They originated from the Etruscans who once ruled the Romans.

Where did the volcano originate from?

The Romans called their God of fire Vulcan, and from that we get the word volcano.

Where did the surname Romans originate?

Answered to another surname, Romans origin is Dutch,English,Scottish, German and Catalan, patronymic from the personal name Roman.

What areas did the Romans copy the Greek?

The Roman were inspired by the Greek in all areas of culture.

Who invented hand held darts?

Darts probably originate from projectile weapons, used by the Romans.

Where did the French originate?

Because the LANGUAGE derives from Latin, the actual French people come from the Romans.

What is the forced payment to the Romans from the conquered areas?

A Tribute

Are the Romans the same as the Romanians?

Romans are from Rome Italy Romanians are from Russia. Romania is a country or state inside Russia.

What is the Siberian hamster natural habitat?

Siberian hamsters are native to Russia, specifically Siberia and adjacent regions of northeastern Europe and Kazakhstan. They inhabit grasslands, shrublands, and forests with a diverse range of vegetation and temperatures. They are typically found in burrows underground to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.