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industrialization of American cities.

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Q: Great minerals resources technological inventions in need of work contributed greatly to the?
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What are the causes of the depletion of natural resources?

1. Excessive or unecessary use of resources. 2. Non-equitable distribution of resources. 3. Technological and industrial development. 4. Erosion. 5. Irrigation. 6. Mining for oil and minerals. 7. Drainage of wetlands. 8. Deforestation.

What is each regions unique feature and resources?

North America: Diverse landscapes from forests to deserts, and abundant natural resources like minerals and lumber. Europe: Rich cultural history with numerous architectural marvels and access to advanced technology and skilled workforce. Asia: Varied climates, from tropical to arctic, and vast reserves of minerals, energy resources and technological innovation. Africa: Ecological diversity with savannas, rainforests, and deserts, as well as abundant reserves of precious minerals and natural resources. South America: Amazon rainforest and Andes mountains, with rich biodiversity and natural resources like oil, gas, and minerals.

Major minerals in Pennsylvania?

Some major minerals found in Pennsylvania include coal, limestone, iron ore, and sand and gravel. These minerals have been historically important to the state's economy and continue to play a significant role in various industries. Pennsylvania's abundant natural resources have contributed to its industrial development and growth.

How do mineral resources effect natural resources?

the minerals are natural resources

What are Oregon's natural resources?

Their natural resources was minerals.

Why are minerals natural resources?

minerals are a resource because plants need minerals to survive and grow

Are minerals that recycle extremely slowly nonrenewable resources or renewable resources?

Minerals that recycle extremely slowly are considered nonrenewable resources because the geological processes that form these minerals are extremely slow compared to human extraction rates. Once these minerals are depleted, they are not easily replaced within a human timescale.

What resources are for soil in Mississippi?


What is the different natural resources?

water,soil,minerals are natural resources

Soil forest and minerals are among earths what resources?

Natural resources.

What natural resources have been important to the economic success of the US?

Some of the natural resources that have been important to the economic success of the US include oil, coal, natural gas, timber, and minerals. The abundance and accessibility of these resources have played a significant role in powering industries, fueling transportation, and supporting construction and manufacturing activities throughout the country. Additionally, fertile agricultural land and water resources have also contributed to the nation's economic growth and development.

Why are rocks and minerals natural resources?

minerals are a resource because plants need minerals to survive and grow