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It's not a god, but a titan. Prometheus created Pandora out of clay.

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Q: Greek god who was a sculptor of man from clay?
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Who was sculptor of man from clay in Greece?


Who was the Greek sculptor of man from clay?

I don't no why are you asking me you idiot i am only 12 in 6th grade so bye bye dummies.

What is the Myth about the origin of man and the world?

A Greek god (I forget his name) created man from clay. Many years later, prometheus stole hephaestus' fire and gave it to man.

Is the greek god adad a man?

There is no Greek god "Adad".

Who was the greek god of see?

the Greek god of sea was a man named Poseidon

Greek god that is part goat and part man?

Pan, greek god of shepherds and flocks.

Who created men in Greek mythology?

Prometheus made mankind from clay in Greek mythology. Prometheus shaped man from mud.

Is Poseidon a brave man?

Poseidon is not a man, but a ancinet Greek god.

Is man truly made of clay?

He may not be entirely clay-made, but with sin-nature cast upon him, man's feet surely are; without God, his foundation crumbles.

Who is the god of the flute?

the greek god PAN. half man, half goat.

What greek god was the strongest man in the world?


Is Zeus a man?

No. Zeus was a Greek male god, not man. He was the "king of gods."