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The gods created fire, but kept it for themselves. Prometheus stole it from the gods and gave it to the humans.

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Q: Greek myths that show how fire was created?
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Is Greek myths funny?

no, because they show you life lessons

Are heroes or gods perfect on Greek?

nope not at all - all the myths show gods and heroes having humane arguments

Was Xena a real person?

Xena is not in Greek myths. She is based upon the Amazons who were warrior women. No one killed any Greek gods, since they were immortal. Heracles was the name of the srongest man who ever lived. Hercules was his Roman name. Xena is just a TV show and has little relation to Greek myths.

Why did Hercules fight the evil gods?

There is no such thing as an "evil god" in Greek Mythology. Don't confuse the TV Show with the actual myths - they are very different.

What are some brave Greek gods and people?

Most of the Greek myths show bravery but especially Perseus killing Medusa because he killed Medusa to save his mother form the King

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They two worked in special effects together. They came up with the idea of a show after receiving numerous questions as to myths from their workmates.Jamie first had the idea, but considered himself too boring to host the show alone, so asked Adam to join him.

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Mythbusters is a great show if you like science, physics, and myths.

What color is Greek fire?

There is one particular Author,( one of the Percy Jackson Stories ) who says that Greek fire was made in such a way as to produce green flames, he may even have used copper based Materials in his formula. But no one actually knows what real Greek Fire was, what it looked like and what it's Formula was. But having said that Images of teh time show the flames as Red in colour.

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Edith Hamilton believed that myths explain the mysteries of life, the origin of the world, and humanity's place in the universe. She thought that myths provided insights into human nature, values, and relationships.

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'A tomato always lands stem up' is one myth. The TV show Mythbusters is based on the premise of testing myths. Therefore, any myth that appears on that show is testable.

What are some good Greek mythology books or TV series?

Robert Graves: 'The Greek Myths' gives you all the information. It is not a story you can read from beginning to end. 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' are fictional stories, which are interesting but not quite in accordance with the ancient myths.TV Show - ' Valentine '

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