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Q: Hannibal led an army composed of what?
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How was roman general scipio different from Hannibal?

As an elected magistrate, he led an army of Roman citizens. Hannibal led a mercenary army for the Carthaginians.

Who was the famous commander that Rome defeated during the Punic wars?

Hannibal Barca led the Carthaginians whereas Publius Cornelius Scipio led the Roman army .

Who was the general who used elephants during the Punic Wars?

Hannibal was the Carthaginian general in question. Hannibal led both his troops and his elephants over the Alps and into Italy during the Second Punic War.

What general led his army over the Alps?

Hannibal went over the Alps. He even took elephants with him.

Where did Hannibal lead his army after going over the alps?

Yes , during the second Punic War the Carthaginian General Hannibal Barca led an army through the Alps into Italy and waged war against the Romans .

Which general led an army through the Alps during the Second Puni Wars and nearly conwuered Rome?


How is Cincinnatus similar to Hannibal from Carthage Africa?

He came to the fore when his city was under threat and led an army to resolve it.

What is the Hannibal story about?

Hannibal led a mercenary army from Spain into Italy and there harassing Rome for 14 years until recalled to Carthage to defend against a Roman threat to the home city.

How was Hannibal attack on Rome daring and differences?

he led his army on a long trek from Spain across France and through the alps

What person led his army over the Alp mountains during the winter?

Hannibal led his army, along with many horses and several elephants, across the Alps during the winter in an attempt to ambush the Roman general Scipio's army. Since Hannibal was from Carthage, they were expecting him to come from there, but instead, he went up and attacked them from north of Rome. This was a failed attempt though, because Scipio then attacked Carthage, forcing Hannibal to return home and defend his country.

What kind of warfare did Hannibal against Rome?

Hannibal sought to surprise the Romans with a most daring and risky move. He led his army on a long trek from Spain across France and through the alps.

Who Invaded Italy in 216?

From 218 BCE a Carthaginian army invaded Italy and remained there for 14 years, led by Hannibal Barca.