Height of Greek City-States

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In ancient times, the height of Greek civilization occurred during the period between 500 and 350 B.C.E. At this time, Athens, among other Greek city-states, made remarkable advances in art, science, politics, philosophy, and other areas of human thought and life.

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Q: Height of Greek City-States
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What are the Greek citystates names?

Athens (smart, sporty, perfect) Megara (all about money) Sparta (TOTAL SPORT FREAKS lol) Corinth (crafts) Argos (acting and drama)

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What is political units of city and surrounding land?


What are the typical Greek citystates like?

Athens-Athletic, academic, perfect Corinth-Crafts, arts, etc Sparta-Sports Megara-Money, money, money Argos-Acting, drama, etc

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To gain land for farming

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Athens and Sparta .

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Sumerian citystates were originally theocracies.

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The Greek goddess Hera could change her shape and height.

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Greek gods and goddesses could change their appearance at will, this includes height.

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This impact the city-states because the renaissance were so wealthy in their down city

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