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The Nile river had a unique annual inundation or flood pattern.Each year with the flood waters, that have their source high in the ancient volcanic ranges of the Ethiopian and Ugandan mountains. when the flood waters receded they left behind a few centimeters of black loam incredibly high in natural nutrients and minerals.
There is no doubt that without this renewable source of natural fertilization and flood plain irrigation that Egypt's agrarian culture would have succumbed to salinity and irrigation problems making the land nonviable for continued agricultural production.
This would have made Egypt dependent on other civilizations for its sustainability.
It was exactly this problem that led to the early demise of Sumerian and Mesopotamian civilizations in the Tigris and Euphrates Valley.
So in these terms,the quote by Herodotus that " Egypt is truly a gift of the Nile", could not be more appropriate..
It is interesting to note that, since the construction of the Aswan Dam and Lake Nasser Egyptian farmers are having to use fertilizers on their crops for the first time in Egypt's very long history of permanent agrarian culture and civilization.

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Q: Herodotus remarked that Egypt was the gift of the nile what did he mean by this?
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