How are lemons good for you?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Without lemons tequila would suck and we wouldn't have sweet quotes like 'if life gives you lemons, make lemonade'

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Q: How are lemons good for you?
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What is the probability of getting seven good lemons and three bad out of thirty lemons?

The possibility of getting 7 good lemons and 3 bad lemons is impossible because you have 7 good lemons and 3 bad lemons and 7+3=10 but the whole number is 30.

What are lemons good for?

Lemons are good for putting on your cuts and wounds to heal them because of all the calcium they have in them.

Why do the lemons on your lemon tree remain green?

Lemons can remain green if they are not getting proper nutrients, light, or water. While these lemons may not taste good they are good for cleaning.

Does Africa have a good source of lemons?


What recipes use preserved lemons?

I don't know if you mean pickled lemons or dried lemons,but dried lemons work well in many cake,cookie,muffin,pie,and candy recipes.Pickled lemons are good in curries and as a condiment for Indian dishes.

Are acids in lemons good or bad?


Are lemons bad for your teeth?

Lemons are a good source of Vitamin C. However, sucking on lemons can do severe damage to your teeth. The enamel can be literally washed away over time because the acid in the lemons is quite powerful.

What vitimain does lemons contain?

Good for Vitamin C

Can lemons help with cholesterol?

Lemons can help with lowering of cholesterol in the body. Just like other fruits, they do not contain cholesterol and they will help the liver to produce bile which burns more calories.

Who drew the picture lemons are pretty good?

Natalie Dee .

Do lemons make your blood thin?

no! it makes it taste good!

Does anyone know of any more good beauty tips?

Lemons!!! are good at cleaning smell amazing are disinfectants taste good are very usefull for acne people prevent bad breath horay to who ever invented LEMONS!!!!!!!!