How come gargoyles are so ugly?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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gargoyles are stone that's why they are so ugly its a modern architechture and are made to scare evil spirits

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Gargoyles adhere to their own definition of beauty. They find each other attractive just as humans find each other attractive.

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Q: How come gargoyles are so ugly?
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When were gargoyles invented and who invented the gargoyles?

gargoyles were invented by gargoyles who were invented by gargoyles and so on. This was written by gargoyle.

What do gargoyles look like in Harry Potter?

Gargoyles are carved stone statues with ugly faces.

Can you help with my homework i need info on gargoyles?

Gargoyles are statues that are placed on buildings like medieval castles, they have open mouth's purely as when the rain starts and you are standing under one you wont get wet as the water is collected in the mouth but if there was an intruder you would tip the gargoyle over so the rain would fall on them, sometimes gargoyles are confused with grotesques which are statues to scare evil spirits away as they are so ugly.

Are gargoyles believed to protect us from evil?

In some cultures, yes, they are. In others they are just pretty (or ugly) decorations.

Do Gargoyles have wings?

because peter castledine said they do

What is the difference between a grotesque and a true gargoyle?

"Gargoyles are statues. Grotesque is a word meaning very ugly." NOTE: This answer is incomplete and seems to have been answered by someone who didn't realize that the two items in question actually have a historical similarity. Grotesque does of course mean ugly but it is ALSO the name for those varieties of stone statues that are found on buildings such as old cathedrals - and which usually take the shape of an ugly mythical creature, such as a griffin. Grotesques are commonly confused with Gargoyles but they are in reality very different. One serves a function and one is purely decorative. A gargoyle by definition differs from a grotesque because gargoyles are actually rain spouts. The mouth acts as a spout for a gutter system that passes water flowing from the roof top, into a trough, and lastly, out of the mouth of the statue. A gargoyle can be in the shape of any creature, ugly or not. The ugly ones are the most common but some gargoyles are in the likeness of angels. Most statues that are commonly thought to be gargoyles are actually grotesques because they do not serve as gutter spouts and are merely decorative.

Why gargoyles have their mouths open?

The gargoyles have their mouth open so they can insult you. look for all of them and shoot them down do get something. you will find that 'something' in the Gargoyles Cove that is under the Bowerstone Market bridge. Oh and you get a 'something' for every ten gargoyles you destroy.

Are gargoyles Gothic Architecture?

No they are not they are simply mythical canstructions that do not come under the gothic dictionarey.

What is a good come back to your ugly?

you should say: your so ugly you have to sneak up on your mirror. or: your so ugly your parents nicknamed you shiz happens. or: i know why you look like a horse, because i saw your mom grazing in the field.

What type of stone is used for gargoyles?

gargoyles areusually made of marble or limestone. There have been some metal or terracotta gargoyles. There are no brick gargoyles.

Who are gargoylists?

The comiic figures Gargoyles and all the Gargoyles characters belong to Disney and Buena Vista, and their shows like Gargoyles and Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles.

What are gargoyles made from?

Gargoyles are crafted from Granite.