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Mr.Powell says f*** off

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Q: How could Egyptian kings offer better ways to use their wealth?
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Why did they have a Valley of the Kings?

It was a location for tombs of Egyptian kings.

Are they black Egyptian kings?


What was the relationship between the kings and the god?

Egyptian kings along with every other Egyptian worshiped gods, although Egyptian kings, or pharos were considered low leveled gods.

What do you call Egyptian kings?


What is the Egyptian kings called?


What were the Egyptians kings known as?

They were known as a Pharaoh

Where is the pharaoh's coffin in an Egyptian?

Valley of the Kings'

What is an pharaoh?

Pharaoh is the title of Egyptian kings.

Should egyptian kings be capitalized in an essay?

Egyptian should be capitalized but not the ki ngs.

What is an important symbol of the sun kings wealth?

the sun

What was the name of the tombs built for Egyptian kings?


Where was the tomb of the Egyptian king Tutankamen?

Valley of the Kings.