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The primary role of the Spartan woman was to bear children for the state. The Spartan woman could choose her own husband. A man was allowed to take any woman he wanted to be his wife, but if she did not want him, she was free to fight to prevent him from having her and could kill him if she chose and was able. The Spartan woman told her men as they went to war, husband or son, "Come back carrying your shield or on it".

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the women were expected to dedicate their lives to perpetuating Spartan society through the production of both young Spartans.

To this end they competed in sports and ate well, so they could bear healthy children.

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Athenian women were a lot more house-bound. They were to be seen and not heard. The woman or 'Kyria' of the home only looked after the children and maintained the slaves within the house. Otherwise they were to weave at the loom in the Gynaikon. Women and men had a big divide in power and freedom.

Spartan women had a lot more freedom as they were more masculine and less lady-like. Spartan women would do house-work, go to school (actually get an education), women were allowed to participate in sports and would hunt for the family's meal. Gender was a lot more equal between men and women.

Basically Athenian women were stay-at-home, ladies with no freedom whereas Spartan women were freedom-loving, tom-boys.

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Q: How did Athenian and Spartan womens roles differ in society?
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