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They saved ancient Greek and Roman writings.

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Q: How did Catholic monasteries preserve ancient languages and learning?
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Why did Charlemagne support Monasteries in Europe?

to preserve learning

What are some of Charlemagne's achievements?

expanded his kingdom. expanded education and learning. supported monasteries in their efforts to preserve learning. united a vast realm under the Christian faith. became the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

What did Charlemagne order monasteries to do?

Charlemagne ordered monasteries to become centers of learning and education. He wanted monks to copy and preserve important manuscripts, promote literacy among the clergy, and establish schools to educate the local population. This was part of his efforts to promote intellectual and cultural development in the Carolingian Empire.

How did Charlemagne try to revive learning?

Charlemagne promoted education through the establishment of schools and monasteries, where scholars were invited to teach. He also encouraged the study of classical works and supported efforts to preserve and copy manuscripts. Charlemagne's efforts to revive learning laid the foundation for the Carolingian Renaissance.

What country's monasteries helped preserve books during the early middle ages?


What is the importance of learning senakulo?

Senakulo is a form of Filipino play that depicts the life and passion of Jesus Christ. Learning about senakulo is important as it helps individuals deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith, culture, and traditions in the Philippines. It also serves as a way to preserve and pass on these cultural practices to future generations.

How have the indigenous people of Canada worked to preserve their cultures?

by using their own languages

How do Canada's people intend to preserve their cultures?

by using their own languages in street signs

Why was Spain in the Catholic Reformation?

Because Spain had the "most Catholic monarchs" who sought to preserve the faith in their country unspotted by protestant heretics.

What emperor of the holy Roman Empire decreed that all monasteries should open schools to everyone and encouraged monastic libraries to preserve and copy ancient manuscripts.?


During the Middle Ages in Europe who helped to preserve Roman writing?

The Roman alphabet was preserved primarily by Church organizations, mostly monasteries, and largely in Britain and Ireland.

Who copied out books after the monasteries were closed down?

After the monasteries were closed down, monks who were skilled in copying books continued to do so independently or found new employment as scribes for universities, libraries, or private individuals. This helped preserve valuable manuscripts and knowledge during this tumultuous period in history.